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About Us
College of Management
  The College of Management was planned in the school year of 1998, and was formally established in the school year of 1999. It passed the ISO 9001 certification on September 2000, and became the only college of the entire community, which passed the ISO certification. In order to face the low birth rate trend and ensure sustainable development of the college, it has been proceeding on a series of reorganization since 2013 to establish its current three-department structure characterized with practical research. It also devoted into pursuing the excellence of teaching, research, service, and industrial education, and focused on internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship to build a unique foundation. 
  The college contains Department of Industrial Engineering & Management (including bachelor, master, and doctoral classes), Department of Business Management (including bachelor and master classes), Department of Information and Finance Management (including bachelor and master classes), and an integrated doctoral management class. The teaching and research of the college focus on the specialized knowledge and technology such as operation and management science, financial and marketing management, production management and manufacturing strategy, industrial computerization management, information and financial management, technology-based service and innovation management, and intellectual property and technological law for industrial and commercial enterprises. It also proceeds on learning and research exchanges with academic units and enterprises. The college makes good use of its geographical advantage, and offers the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Developing Center and RFID Application Research Center. It also actively devotes to the cooperation, research, and service of industry, government, and university. 
  In order to provide senior managers from industry a good environment for advanced study, it also offers EMBA master program, so that specialists with rich professional experiences can return to school to study as senior managers and become able to face global challenges. The college also offers the IMBA program to accept international students exclusively for a master degree, and proceeds on research, study, and exchange visits with academic unit and enterprises to enhance academic exchanges, expand the international view of students, and cultivate talents with international enterprise management skills.  
  Insisting on the school motto of being sincere, simple, prefect, and diligent, the school has created a glorious tradition as a result of efforts contributed by teachers and students in the past one hundred years. Based on this strong foundation, our college insists on a higher vocational education, more modern technological understanding, and an enhanced interaction between industry and the school for students to have full outlook towards management in order to relate to the current pulse of modern technology.
College Features (5-1):
Training students to be familiar with computer software and hardware infrastructure and to own the applicable abilities of various information technologies.
Encouraging teachers and students to develop creative, innovational, and entrepreneurial ideas, as well as promoting students’ knowledge of industrial practical topics to accomplish the complementary effects between practices and theories.
Through the planning and design of professional courses, cultivating students with professional knowledge and skills and enhancing their abilities in practical application of theories and analysis and resolution on problems.
Integrating college’s curriculums to provide shared resources to the teachers and providing high quality curriculums simultaneously (innovational and entrepreneurial curriculum and manufacturer integration curriculum).
Promoting English lectures for the entire student body and establishing the IMBA class to promote international mutual degree, international exchange activities, and exchange students.