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The College of Management has three departments and a total of more than forty laboratories participating in knowledge transfer activities. The laboratories are conducting practice-oriented research projects, focusing on hot topics selected in collaborations with partner organizations in the business and policy-making communities, and teachers have gathered the three departments according to their research interests. This organization brings great flexibility to our research work and stimulates multi-disciplinary research projects and collaboration.


Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Quality Control Practical Training Laboratory

Scheduling and Combinational Optimization Research Laboratory

Engineering Data Analysis and Optimization Laboratory

Work Study and Ergonomics Practical Training Laboratory

Intelligent Management Research Laboratory

Multiple Objectives Decision Making Research Laboratory

Automated Inspection Laboratory

Enterprise Decision Management Research Laboratory

Configuration Management Laboratory

Innovation Thinking and Wisdom Decision Management Research Laboratory

Manufacturing and Commerce Integration Laboratory

Supply Chain Collaboration and Business Model Management Laboratory

Cognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory

System Design and Optimization Laboratory

E-marketing Laboratory

VR/AR Manufacturing Simulation Human Engineering Laboratory

Artificial Intelligence and Decision Analysis Laboratory

Optimization and Data Mining Laboratory


Department of Business Management

Business Intelligence and System Integration Laboratory

Customer Relationship Management Laboratory

Management Science Laboratory

Industry and Service Science Research Laboratory

Service Making and Management Laboratory

Consumer Behavior and Interactive Marketing Laboratory

Marketing Strategy Laboratory

Marketing Research and Consumer Demand Analysis Laboratory

Human Resource Management Laboratory

Innovation and Strategic Management Laboratory

Financial Information and Management Laboratory

Global Finance and Corporate Research Laboratory

Behavior Finance and Financial Innovation Laboratory


Department of Information and Finance Management

Big Data Marketing Laboratory

I Love Trading Laboratory

Financial Investment and Risk Management Laboratory

Business Intelligence Management Research Development Laboratory

Financial Engineering and Fixed Income Securities Laboratory

Fintech and Blockchain Innovation Application Laboratory

Data Mining and Application Laboratory

Financial Cybersecurity Laboratory

Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligent Project Management Laboratory

Corporate Governance and Finance Research Laboratory

Index-Linked Products Laboratory

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