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International Master of Business Administration Program(IMBA)

  In order to respond to the current international economic situation, promote international competitiveness, and enhance international exchanges, the College of Management of National Taipei University of Technology specially offers the International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA). The purpose of the establishment is to attract excellent foreign students who have different cultural backgrounds to enter the Taiwanese educational system. This will enhance the impact of Taiwan in international educational circles. Also, this will cultivate international management talents with both technology and humanity through various academic researches, interaction with industries and school, and innovative curriculums. So far, students coming from 17 different countries all over the world participate in the diverse program.

  The program’s curriculums integrate three areas including industrial engineering and management, operational management, and information and financial management. The curriculums are appropriately adjusted according to the students’ backgrounds and interests every semester. Also, students are allowed to participate in different cooperative projects of industry and school as well as international seminars to accomplish the close integration of theories and practices to promote the standard of the program. After the program was offered, it has since been fully supported by the students, and was affirmed and recommended by the Ministry of Education.


The Features of the International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA)

•    English-only teaching environment

•    The teaching pays equal attention to theory and practice

•    Polybasic background of students

•    Excellent teachers with rich experiences

•    Setup of tuition waver and scholarship

•    Excellent location

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