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Executive MBA Program, College of Management


  The EMBA Program at National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) is a learning platform incorporated with both theory and practice. It serves as a platform for experienced business managers to return for extended education at campus. The EMBA curriculum design at Taipei Tech offers the leadership strategies, helping the managers in their thinking of operational modules and procedure flows towards the enhancement of overall corporate competitiveness.


  Currently, there are six EMBA classes at Taipei Tech, one class is Industrial and Management EMBA which emphasizes the management in information and manufacturing. The other class is Business Management EMBA that centers at business management practices with the emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Third is Information and Financial Management EMBA which emphasizes on big data strategy. There are three other overseas programs, including Bangkok EMBA, Dongguan EMBA, and Shanghai EMBA.


  According to the result of a 2016 survey conducted by Cheers magazine, Taipei Tech EMBA is ranked eight among the EMBA programs in Taiwan by 3000 managers as the most preferred EMBA program to enroll. The EMBA classes at Taipei Tech are conducted at the multiple media classroom in the new technology building located at the city center of Taipei with convenient transportation to the campus. An EMBA student lounge is available for the social activities by the student.


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