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Under the context of global development trends and rapid industry changes, Ph.D. Program of the College of Management, led by the elite teachers of the School, integrates theory with practice to cultivate advanced academic and research talents with independent research ability and practical expertise in the field of international business administration.
This integrative Ph.D. Program, established in 2005 (formerly known as Ph.D. Program of Institute of Business Administration), currently recruits students for three groups: Industrial Engineering and Management Group, Operation Management Group, and Financial Management Group. The graduates of the Program mainly take office at post-secondary schools and vocational-technical schools in Taiwan, industrial circles, research units, or governmental departments with outstanding performances.
1. Minimum number of credits for the Ph.D. degree: 43 credits
2. The Ph.D. students can take courses from both the Master program and the Ph.D. program.
3. Required courses: 19 credits, including 12 credits from Doctoral Thesis, 4 credits from Journal Study and Discussion (1 credit from each semester) and 3 credits from English Technical Writing.
4. Elective courses: 24 credits. The Ph.D. students can take at most 12 credits in other departments and institutes in Taipei Tech or other universities.