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Department of Information and Finance Management


  The Department of Information and Finance Management, founded in 2013, aims to "cultivate high-end information management talents with international outlook, practical research ability, information technology and financial management knowledge, respond to the talent demands of enterprises, promote industrial upgrading, and assist national development". In addition to the education of basic financial theory and knowledge and based on the outstanding achievements of the School in terms of information technology (IT) and vocational-technical education, it endeavors to enhance students' ability to apply IT to relevant fields of finance.

  The curriculum design of the Department is intended to make students master IT and rich financial management knowledge, focus on both theory and practice, and render them the abilities of analysis, planning, design, construction, and management. Students are expected to develop practical information systems to facilitate industries, timely provide appropriate information in terms of financial management, significantly enhance the quality of financial decisions, and promote industrial upgrading.

  • FinTech Development Plan

The Department of Information and Financial Management spent NTD 8 million on building the "FinTech" characteristic laboratory in 2016, provided with a super large TV wall and a real-time updated global stock market database, to construct a complete digital investment and financing teaching environment. In addition, a stock market simulated transaction software is provided to train the students for program transaction and implementation capacity of robot financing. This department cooperates with the circle actively, and opens the "FinTech" curriculum jointly with Taiwan Fubon Financial Holding, E.SUN Commercial Bank and American IBM, let the students obtain the latest knowledge and technology of FinTech.


The features of teaching and research

  • The Project of Financial Intelligent Cloud

The promotion of the "Project of Financial Intelligent Cloud" by the Department is designated to link the cultivation of talent with financial expertise by vocational education with communities. Meanwhile, it integrates financial practices and IT, aims to create a platform for university-industry internship and exchange, implements the goal of focusing on both financial theory education and practice, and strengthens the cultivation of financial talents in Taiwan so as to enhance the financial research level and efficiency of Taiwan. Currently, we have constructed a Special Information and Financial Lab, including the following main objectives:

(1) to hold financial lectures and enhance financial practical ability; (2) to promote the intelligent financial trading strategic platform;

(3) to establish an intelligent financial information analysis platform;

(4) to establish an intelligent teaching platform of program trading;

(5) to promote financial online communities, and so on.

  • The Project of Enterprise Resource Planning

In the past few years, the Department has constantly promoted the "Project of Enterprise Resource Planning". On the one hand, it renders students the ability to import information technology in the systems of enterprises. It has helped students obtain more than one hundred certificates. Therefore, the Department was awarded with 2013 Excellent Award of the Promotion of ERP Certification. On the other hand, it actively carries out industry-university cooperation with industrial circles. It is assisting Pacificord, a Taiwanese company engaged in umbilical cord blood, in the informatization of its system, aiming to become a leader in terms of the resource planning of the enterprises of biotech industry.


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