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Dissertation Proposal

About Ph.D. dissertation proposal documents, shown as link below:



please click in and check the First section (壹)
Document 14 & 15 – application forms. must be filled out and need advisor’s signature, please give them to Sean one week before your proposal.

Document 11 is for English proficiency requirement. Your transcript or certificate or anything that can prove the requirement (just choose one ) you have achieved must be attached. Must be presented with your proposal application documents

Document 16 & 17 - are for committee members. each committee member must get one copy respectively. After your proposal, the documents with members’ evaluation, comments and signatures on them must be given to Sean.
Or you may just scan and combine them into 1 PDF file and send it to bedhair@ntut.edu.tw with your name and student ID on the mail title.


** Final defense must be 6 months away from dissertation proposal pass date. Let’s say, you pass proposal on Jan. 1st, my suggestion, the final defense should be held on or after July 2nd.
**committee members should be professors or associate professors.