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Selection Announcement for the First “We Care。 Sustainability Competition“ in the Practical Category

The first “We Care.。Sustainability Competition " Practical Category selection meeting, guided by the College of Management at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), organized by Taipei Tech Business Management Alumni Association, and sponsored by Sun Yang Optical Co., Ltd., was held on July 1, 2024. The review committee members were Associate Professor Liang-Chi Liu from the Department of Information and Finance Management, Assistant Professor Hsin-Wei Hsu from the Department of Industrial Engineering Management, Chairman Forrest Chen from AJ Management & Consultancy Co. Ltd., General Manager Brandon Wu from Sun Yang Optical Co., Ltd., and General Manager Winnie Chiu from Global Compliance Co., Ltd. The five committee members conducted in-depth discussions on each group's proposal in Room 824 of the Research & Technology Building, examining the creativity and feasibility of each project from both academic and industry perspectives. After more than an hour, three groups were selected. Each group will be awarded an implementation grant of NT$30,000 to support the subsequent realization of their plans. Additionally, the "We Carry Out Practical Team Award" will be announced after the proposal presentation date is finalized, at which point the winning team will be selected. (The full selection list of Practical Category is attached.)


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